As you've probably noticed, the design for this product is very unique. ZOME has two versions. Version 1: for kids. The form of the juice box allows kids with tiny hands to firmly grip the product from the middle and eliminate spills. The funky and the bright colors are eye catching and exciting for kids to look at. The juice boxes also transform into fun toys when stacked on top of each other. Version 2: for adults. This helps adults feel more like adults and saves them the agony and frustration of staring at obnoxious, overbearing design intended for kids. It is simplistic and allows adults to sip on a drink that kids would love, but with style, sophistication and dignity intact. Both come with unique carriers that were made specifically for the product. This was a group effort designed by Kaitlyn Toney, Sydney Ryan, Megan Adams, Paige Soesbee, and myself.