photo by   SOHOSTORY  | featuring  MiGolondrina

I am an Interactive designer from Dallas, Texas living in Portland, Oregon.  Artwork and illustration introduced me to the creative industry, which led me to study design and work in digital. 


Claire got got her toes wet working for Abilene Christian University as a Production Assistant on the University Creative Services team and also did some fun work for Art House Dallas as their web designer while in school. She has also worked with Watermark Community Church and local artists in the Dallas area. Claire is currently living the west coast life and creating digital goodness at Harlo Interactive. She has recently helped launch Glumac, recognized worldwide for their sustainable design, Hillsboro Aero Academy, a flight school outside of Portland, and Jubitz, a Travel Center native to the Pacific Northwest since 1952.


If you would like to create amazing experiences, please contact me.

  • 903.513.5020